Terra Nostra Garden: a canvas of fascinating experiences

With over 200 years of existence, Terra Nostra Garden in Furnas, São Miguel Island, offers much more than the dazzle provided by the unique beauty of its gardens.

This botanical garden takes us on a journey into history, which begins in the eighteenth century when Thomas Hicking, the United States Consul on S. Miguel Island, built his family’s summer house there.

Parque Terra Nostra

In the nineteenth century, the Viscounts da Praia began the development of the gardens and by the early twentieth century, when Vasco Bensaúde purchases the property and begins a major work of recovery and expansion of the Park. Filipe Bensaúde would continue his father’s work in the late twentieth century, making Parque Terra Nostra the unique and magical place it is today.

The richness of Furnas soils, protected from the winds by the slopes of a volcano, has provided a great diversity of plants and trees from all over the world in the park, allowing the creation of gardens that resemble tropical jungles of Central America, English gardens and unique collections in Portugal and in Europe, such as the collection of Camellias, Ferns, Cycas, Palm trees, Bromeliads, Bamboos, Aquatic Plants and the Azorean Endemic Flora collection.

The Garden has been able to renew itself over time without losing the essence of its legacy, offering its visitors a variety of soul-filling experiences.

Among the many experiences provided by the Park, we highlight the feeling of going back to the eighteenth century and entering an enchanted garden where you can bathe in a magnificent hot-spring pool surrounded by breathtaking scenery.


Terra Nostra Garden Hotel

Surrounded by the marvelous picture provided by the park, we find the oldest hotel in the Azores, which preserves the charm of 84 years of history combined with the ability for innovation and growing adaptation to the needs and wishes of customers.

With an Art Deco style and its natural pools of hot thermal water surrounded by lush nature, Terra Nostra Garden Hotel offers unique experiences to its guests.

SATA Azores Airlines transports you daily to this oasis in the middle of the Atlantic.

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