Frequent Flyer – Pedro Pauleta

Name: Pedro Pauleta

Occupation: Director of the Portuguese Football Federation

Born at: São Roque, ilha de São Miguel, Açores

Age: 46

Born in the Azores but living in Lisbon, Pedro Pauleta carries the Azores in his heart. In fact, he has always proudly promoted the name of the Azores all over the world, commemorating each one of his goals with open arms, alluding to the flight of a goshawk.

Pedro Pauleta, or the “Cyclone of the Azores”, as he became known during his brilliant career as a footballer due to his real goal poacher instinct, his skilful ball dribbling with both feet, his impressive aerial play and excelente mobility, playing for clubs such as Deportivo de Coruña, Bordeaux and Paris Saint-Germain, our “Frequent Flyer” of this edition, does not need any introduction.

Nowadays, Pedro Pauleta is Director of the Portuguese Football Federation and an ambassador for Paris Saint-Germain, also having a football training school and a foundation, Fundação Pauleta, on the island of São Miguel.

How often do you travel to the Azores?
I now live in Lisbon, but I travel to the Azores frequently, mainly for Christmas, Easter and the summer holidays. I also fly to the Azores about once a month.

What’s your favourite time of year in the Azores?
I like going to the Azores all year round. I just wish I could go there more often.

What do you miss the most when you are not in the Azores?
I miss our nature, our sea, our typical food, the people and my family. If I could, I would always be in the Azores.

In your opinion, what’s the perfect programme being in the Azores?
The perfect programme is visiting all of our islands. When I am in São Miguel, I always try to make the most of the day to visit and revisit the wonderful things offered by the island, but when I get the chance, I also travel to the Azorean islands.

What was your last international travel destination?
It was Paris, where I worked as an ambassador for Paris Saint-Germain.

What is a must have in your suitcase when travelling?
There are lots of things which I cannot do without, but interestingly, when I always have in my suitcase is moisturising lipbalm, because the aircraft air conditioning really dries my lips out.

What is your dream trip?
To travel with my wife and my children, with my family. That in itself already is my dream trip. And presently, obviously, living away again, my dream trip is always when I return to São Miguel.