5 tips to help you sleep on an airplane

There are people who can easily fall asleep everywhere and maintain a restful sleep, even with many distractions around.

If that is not your case, especially when it comes to falling asleep on an airplane, we give you 5 tips to help you sleep like an angel during your flight.

1- Take a neck pillow. Neck pillows are specifically designed to support the head and neck naturally and in a neutral position, providing the comfort you need.

2- Ask for a blanket. Sometimes the cabin interior has a temperature below your comfort level. Ask a crew member for a blanket so that its soft fabric and warmth will help you fall asleep.

3- Read a book. This is probably the most popular tip. Reading helps you relax your body, making fall asleep more easily. If you are reading an e-book, be sure to turn down the screen brightness.

4- Listen to calm music or to sounds of Nature. Download some relaxing music or sounds of Nature to your devices such as the sound of birds, waves or the forest, put on your headphones, close your eyes and will surely be taken to the best of your dreams.

5- Or remove all sounds. Other passengers, the activity on board and the sounds produced by the aircraft itself can make you never fall asleep. Take headphones that are able to cut off all sounds and put them on just to keep quiet. When necessary, a crew member will wake you up with a smile.

Sweet dreams onboard SATA Azores Airlines!