Message from the Chairman of the SATA Azores Airlines Group

Aviation was on pause, but we didn’t stand still waiting throughout this time. In the past three months, we lived a reality we didn’t know. Not even seven decades of experience in civil aviation prepared us for the setting we have been living and adapting to. The aviation world almost stopped, our habits changed and, at least temporarily, we have to find a new way of being and traveling.

Over the past few months, we transformed our operation to guarantee the daily transportation of essential goods to the Azores and between its nine islands: food, hospital supplies, and we have ensured the transportation of force majeure cases. In return, we have been gifted with a priceless warmth from those who make us feel we have fulfilled our core mission.

On May 29, we started flights between the islands of the Azores. Since that day, we have carried 5096 satisfied passengers. Now, on June 15, on the day we celebrate 73 years of commercial flights, commercial air operations begin beyond the borders of our Archipelago. It’s an important date, in many ways, and a historic moment we want to share with you, who have been with us throughout our journey.

Despite the necessary break, we didn’t stop our fleet. On land, over the past few months, we complied with the deep maintenance plan we designed. We paid particular attention to the review of all aircraft interiors, taking advantage of time to replace or intensely sanitize, monitored the information released by the regulators of the sector, and implemented all recommendations. A careful overhaul was made, including all air conditioning systems. Besides, all items for passenger use have been disinfected. We already did this before, but this new moment we are experiencing requires new measures and the reinforcement of operational procedures. And before finishing implementing additional security measures, we wish to know the opinion and impression of our frequent fliers.

Some say the world of travel will never be the same. At SATA we believe that the world of travel can be even better. Traveling is more than a pleasant experience, is more than visiting different places, traveling is a way of being in the world. Let’s take sustainable and responsible actions with happy moments as a result.

Despite the extra care, we know that the return of our operation will be gradual. Going slowly also means guaranteeing everyone’s well-being. And this is our main concern. Ensuring that your return onboard SATA is a peaceful, comfortable moment, almost like returning home.
Fly with us to make dreams come true, to do business, to visit those you love. Do it consciously, carefully, sustainably. We will do the same, here on our side, with great care, looking forward to receiving you on land and onboard.

Luís Rodrigues
Chairman of the SATA Group