Message from the Chairman of the SATA Group

We live in challenging times.

The SATA Group was born and lives to safely transport people and goods, flying over the most beautiful islands in the world. Usually, this mission is performed in a normal scenario.

Currently, we do not work simply to transport people for leisure or business. We work for the Autonomous Region of the Azores, for the Portuguese, for our company, in a context that changes every day.

It is in crisis scenarios that we, human beings, show what we are capable of. And in this, I can’t find a place for pessimism. That is why I guarantee that we will continue to do our best to ensure that essential goods and services are not lacking for anyone, to bring some peace of mind to everyone who sees their plans postponed, to everyone who had planned to travel for months and now find themselves in an unexpected situation.

The people who are part of the SATA Group mobilized themselves to respond to the present scenario with the dedication and courage of those who are doing what is right. We have active workers in their rest periods, on the weekend, on holidays, for endless hours, to ensure that, within the challenges that arise daily, we can find solutions and communicate them on time to all who are dependent on us.

We work in a partially unknown scenario. Our people, of course, have anxiety. Still, they let go of fears and work with a spirit of commitment that goes far beyond professional pride. Right now, I cannot see only good professionals at my side. We are dealing with exceptional people. And our passengers, who have collaborated with us, following the recommendations that we publish daily, are also part of these people.

Our mission is not easy, but we are not alone. This is a challenge that can only be overcome if we all act together and if we all do what has to be done. Your trust and your help are now, more than ever, essential to us.

I have full confidence that, together, we will be able to overcome the challenges we are experiencing. As someone famous said – a problem is just an opportunity for us to give our best!

Thank you all.

Luís Rodrigues
Chairman of the SATA Group