Lisbon and Porto: Where to eat

Everyone knows that Portugal is a country of food lovers.
Selecting a place to eat, both in Lisbon and Porto, is difficult as most of them are very good. Some are more tourists oriented than others but it is still possible to come to a general consensus regarding some of the possibilities which we leave here for our readers.



One of the most famous Lisbon places to eat a nice barbecued chicken – with “piri-piri” for the one who love spicy food – is unquestionably Restaurante Valenciana near Campolide. This restaurant, also a takeaway, has been growing over the years becoming a city’s reference.
The space has had expansion works and has now lots of space for groups or individual tables, and all the clients have the opportunity to have a nice time with their friends while tasting a simple and comforting dish as barbecued chicken can be.
There are other options in the menu. A place before visited just by the locals, it’s starting to receive foreign customers duly informed about the menu, although being a bit far away from the common tourist circuit of Lisbon’s historical centre.
Valencian is, in fact, part of Lisbon’s history!



The beer hall Ribadouro is one of those seafood spots in Lisbon which has a discrete reputation without the need to wait for a long time for a table. You should, unquestionably, make a reservation but getting a table is relatively easy.
Located at Avenida de Liberdade, more important than its location is, of course, the seafood quality offered. Open from noon to 1:00 am, this is the city’s meeting point for a meal before the beginning of the night or for a special late meal in good company.




L I S B O N – M E R C A D O  D A  R I B E I R A – T I M E O U T  MARKET

Established at the old markets where fresh food like fish, meat and fruit were sold, these are presently gastronomical spaces housing restaurants and shops, attracting many visitors and locals. In Lisbon we have Mercado da Ribeira – Time Out Market – where we can find a refurbished space specially prepared to answer to the different wishes from the clients.
Located at Cais do Sodré, near the train station of Estoril and Cascais lines, this place is a safe alternative to the ones who want to discover several gastronomic options with a local taste surrounded by a cultural atmosphere.

The same concept also exists in Porto – Mercado do Bom Sucesso – near Rotunda da Boavista, gathering a lot of the best the city has to offer to those who don’t want to miss the different displayed flavours. The only difficulty may be finding a place to seat – also depending from the time of your visit – but the most difficult thing is going to choose from the extremely diverse and delicious food choices.




Where can you eat the best Francesinha in Porto? This is the question everyone asks and valued at one million euros. The most honest answer is: it depends. It depends from the customer’s particular taste and even from the physical condition at the time you sit at the table as we are talking about – for the one who are not familiar with it -a very peculiar dish. The original Francesinha – for the ones who still do not know what we are talking about – is a gastronomic product which appeared in the fifties in the city of Porto, created by a Portuguese who had been an immigrant in France and decided to improve the famous sandwich “croque-monsieur” with more meat and making it spicier.
It is highly caloric – as an alternative it can have an egg and French fries – but quickly became one of the favourite dishes from the Northern people.
Finding the best Francesinha in Porto according to your taste – differences can be found regarding the sauce and the meat – can be a bit challenging for someone who doesn’t have much time, as this is a dish which shouldn’t be eaten every day. But, if you can find a seat in one of the two cafés right opposite Coliseu dos Recreios, Café Santiago and Lado B, you will certainly have a good gastronomic experience. If not, the city has countless places to try out this local specialty!