New Airbus A321LRneo


The new A321LRneo, the most innovative in the SATA Azores Airlines fleet, a variant of A321neo, is already flying over the Atlantic!

State-of-the-art technology innovation, greater range and energy efficiency are the key features on this aircraft.

The Airbus A321LRneo will carry 190 passengers, has a 8,200 km range and will reinforce the long and medium-haul flights of SATA Azores Airlines.

The state-of-the-art technology on this aircraft enables a simultaneous reduction of the noise and fuel consumption. It allows a 50% reduction of the carbon footprint and saves up to 20% through a reduction of the consumed fuel per flight.

The entertainment and connectivity system stands out in this new equipment and will allow free access to the AirAzoreswifi Wi-Fi and the SATA Onboard app that offers multimedia content, e.g. music, movies, TV shows and children entertainment. You can download this app on Apple Store or Google Play, before you board your flight.

The A321LRneo is the third element to integrate the A321neo family of the airline ans its design reminds the emotions from the magical destinations the airline travels to. The A321neo trilogy of SATA Azores Airlines seeks to inspires and innovate. The words inscribed on its fuselage remit to the magic, wonder and tranquility of the Azores Archipelago. “Wonder”, “Breathe”and “Magical” represent the symbolic homage that the airline does to the Azores Autonomous, which constitutes simultaneously, the cradle for the companies in the SATA group and the main destination for its airlines.

On the A321LRneo the word “Magical” painted alongside the fuselage as well as a QR code will direct the curious to dynamic content related to the wonderful landscapes of the Azores.

The fleet rejuvenation process, that involved replacing the Airbus A310 fleet for more recent Airbus model, represents an important step forward towards achieving the continuous improvement objectives for operational performance of SATA Azores Airlines. A reinforcement that brings a great contribution to this unit and will allow for a more efficient and robust service up to par with the most demanding expectations.