Tips to overcome the fear of flying

Fear of flying, or aerophobia, affects millions of people around the world. Fear of flying can be so intense that it can affect some people’s quality of life, depriving them of visiting their dream destinations or traveling on business. If you are one of these people, here are some tips for a quiet flight.

1 – Know how the plane works. Knowing that turbulence is normal or that you will hear a sound when the landing gear is lowered before landing will substantially reduce your concerns. Also, if you check the statistics, you will find out that traveling by plane is much safer than you think.

2 – Talk to the crew. Talk to a crew member about your anxiety on board so that he can help you whenever necessary.

3 – Avoid window seats. If your problem is related to heights, choose an aisle seat to not feel tempted to look outside and focus even more on your fears.

4 – Distract yourself during the flight. Listen to good music, read a book, or catch up on work during flight time. If you stay entertained, time will fly by.

5 – Focus on the purpose of your trip. If you are on your way to your dream destination, have the pleasure of planning or reviewing all the exciting activities you will do as soon as you land. If you are traveling on business, take the opportunity to get the job done or to review the tasks assigned to you.

If you are travelling on SATA Group’s airlines you will have available the program of help to passengers who are afraid to fly, Happy Flyer.

For more information about this program meant to bring more comfort to our passengers, contact our Call Center (707 22 72 82) and leave your personal data that we will contact you in the shortest time; or contact us via e-mail to describing your situation.

Have a pleasant flight with us!