Andrew Arruda, grandson of São Miguel fishing folk riding the wave of Artificial Intelligence

A descendent of fishermen who emigrated to Canada in the 1960s, Andrew Arruda, a 28-year old Luso-Canadian, is a prominent international figure in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Advocacy and the business world. Holder of the Portuguese Canadian Walk of Fame 2018 award, he takes due pride both in his humble origins and his family. “If your granny could see you now! -” were the words of his mother, embracing her son at the awards ceremony in a genuine show of affection for Andrew and pride in the harsh labours of his ancestors.

Andrew is now discovering new “schools”, not of fish but rather of artificial neurons in Silicon Valley that have placed him in the Forbes Top 30 list of the most innovative young persons in the world. He began his studies in a public school before heading onto university (Trinity College, Sorbonne and Saskatchewan) where he completed his doctoral degree in law. In the meanwhile, his entrepreneurial side was beginning to blossom and, alongside his academic education, he was developing innovative ideas about the application of the methodologies behind artificial intelligence to the legal field, which then resulted in the launch of a company backing more efficient access to jurisprudence. That was how Ross Intelligence came about and already attaining great success in both Canada and the United States and with the objective of providing contents within the scope of the law technology industry, which has placed him in the vanguard of this innovative movement.

However, Andrew is not about to forget the importance of the ancestral wisdom of his people, who he praises for having had the courage to emigrate and set off into the unknown, the entrepreneurship and the capacity to prevail in life through tenacity, effort and perseverance. People able to feel comfortable in themselves even when their surrounding situations are not.

Original text and photo by Humberta Araújo/ English version by Kevin Rose