10 packing tips for traveling with small children

Traveling is one of the most exciting activities ever and when we have a family with young children all we want is to share this pleasure with them.

But when thinking about traveling with young children, it’s inevitable to predict all the associated logistics, especially in regards to luggage.

Having that in mind, we will leave you 10 tips for packing your kids’ bags that will surely make your trip preparations much faster and easier.

1 – Research the weather conditions at your holiday destination and decide the activities you want to do. Knowing that ahead, you’ll be able to choose the right kind of clothing you’ll need.

2- Make a list with all the items you’ll need on vacation.

3- Choose basic and simple pieces with colors that coordinate easily with each other.

4- Still speaking about clothing, take more tops than bottoms, because they get dirty much easier.

5- Choose not to take your children’s favorite clothes or toys. You don’t want to risk losing their favorite things.

6- Pack your clothing in small rolls to get some extra space and to avoid wrinkled pieces.

7- Always take comfortable and used footwear. New shoes can hurt your feet in the first few days.

8- If your children are old enough, let them choose some pieces with you. For example, you can choose together something to wear on a special occasion during the holidays. They will love to get involved in the process of preparing for the trip.

9 – In addition to the luggage in the cargo hold, carry a small backpack with a change of clothes, wipes, kleenex, crackers, water and one or two toys in the cabin.

10- Always take a small kit with basic products such as sunscreen, repellent, saline, painkillers, compresses, bandages, disinfectant, ointment for insect bites and sunburns or any medication your child may be taking.

We hope these tips are useful to you and make your holidays with your children even more enjoyable.

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