Porto, charming city

Visiting the Invicta city is stepping in a beautiful Belle Époque postcard, with the sun covering the landscape with a perfect light. It’s watching the night fall over the Douro River with a glass of Port wine in your hand. It’s being amazed by the colors and the smell of fresh fruit, among the voices of the Bolhão market sellers. But there’s so much more…

The city that gave its name to Portugal has a strong character, with a magnificent urban landscape, where the historical center, named Cultural Heritage of Humanity, blends gracefully with modern and cosmopolitan features.

We invite you, today, to let yourself be enchanted by this city of genuine and welcoming people, making some suggestions that will surely interest you.

Visit the famous Porto wine cellars, in Vila Nova de Gaia, and enjoy the sweet yet strong worldwide famous nectar.

Have a coffee at the glamorous Majestic, a coffee shop from 1921 considered one of the most beautiful in the World.

Let yourself be lost, for hours, in Lello’s bookshelves and centenary books.

Climb the 220 steps of the majestic Clérigos Tower, built by the architect Nicolau Nasoni, to enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the city.

Be inspired by the beauty of the Serralves Foundation gardens, after an extended visit to the contemporary art museum.

It’s worth spending a few hours in the most avant-garde space of the city, in the Miguel Bombarda area or “art quarters”, where you will find several galleries of contemporary art, alternative fashion and design stores and where simultaneous exhibitions, with varied activities and street animations, open every two months.

Watch a concert at the state-of-the-art “House of Music”, a fantastic architectural work designed by the Dutchman Rem Koolhaas.

At night, wander through the street of the Galeria de Paris, a cosmopolitan and bustling area where you’ll find excellent restaurants and bars with live music and beats for all tastes.

There’s much more to say about Porto but we will save you the pleasure of discovering its uncountable treasures. You’ll inevitably leave this city with a huge desire to return.