The SATA IMAGINE Kids Cards are here

Having in mind its younger passengers, with ages between 2 and 11, the frequent flyer program SATA IMAGINE created the SATA IMAGINE Kids card, a customized and nontransferable card which allows accumulating miles and benefits for each trip made with SATA Azores Airlines or SATA Air Açores.

This card is available in the BlueSky, SilverSky and GoldSky versions, according to the number of miles of each member, benefiting from all the advantages of the SATA IMAGINE program.

The SATA IMAGINE Kids cards refer to a colourful sky in which all the rainbow colours are blended conveying joy, happiness, imagination, fun and that dreams can come true. The colourful and inspiring image on this card will accompany the kids’ trips and offer even more adventures onboard of the SATA Azores Airlines planes.