Frequent Flyer – Luís Filipe Borges

Name: Luís Filipe Borges

Occupation: Humourist

Born at: Angra do Heroísmo, Terceira Island, Azores

Age: 41

Our “Frequent Flyer” is the comedian Luís Filipe Borges, well-known face of the Portuguese public who, until a few years ago, was easily identified by the permanent use of a beret. This acessory dates back from the time he studied law, in Lisbon, and earned him the nickname “Boinas” (Berets). Luís says he wore it “to make a statement in a grey and conservative picture.” He works in the most diverse creative areas, from presenter, actor and co-author in theatre, television and cinema, being also author of written works of fiction and poetry.

Best memory of a trip to the Azores?

I’ve made hundreds of trips, but I believe that the best of memories are taking place precisely now, since I’m fulfilling an old dream: the shooting of a nine episodes audio-visual adventure of nine episodes, with my great friend Nuno Costa Santos, at the nine islands of the Azores, until the end of May.

How often do you go to the Azores?

At least three times a year. But fortunately, and for professional reasons, I’ve been traveling at least the double or even the triple of that average for a decade. And I feel at home in each one of the islands. In fact, if I don’t travel to the archipelago for more than six months, I start to suffer physically… It’s a real feeling. It hurts. So, I end up at dawn on the banks of the Tejo river, in Lisbon, pretending that the sound of the river is the sound of the Azores’s ocean.

A time that it is really important or that you really like to be in the Azores?

I only spent two Christmas off the island and they were undoubtedly moments when it was very difficult to be away.

What do you carry in your luggage when you travel to the Azores?

Gifts for my parents, documents related to DAR (Dreams Are Real), a non-profit association of which I am one of the 31 founders. And empty space for what I want to bring back.

What do you carry in your luggage when you travel from the Azores?

Diverse food, drinks too, Azorean tobacco (I love the FTM – Micaelense Tobacco Factory cigars!). Some books by local authors.

Photos by Luís Godinho