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Known for being one of the richest cities in Europe and an important business center, where the European Central Bank and the German Central Bank are based, Frankfurt is the stage for the world’s largest Book Fair and an important reference in literature and culture.

For art lovers, it’s worth walking down the avenues on the margins of the river Main, where the most important museums in Frankfurt on themes like history, architecture, communication, cinema, and archeology can be visited.

When the night falls, visit one of the typical German taverns that can be found throughout the city and taste the famous Apfelwein (apple wine). If you are looking for all night long entertainment, stop by the Sachsenhausen neighborhood, full of live music bars, discos, and cafes.

Places to visit in Frankfurt

  • Alte Oper Building in Opernplatz – one of the most famous constructions in Frankfurt and is the reconstruction of an original building completely destroyed during the war;
  • Goethe’s House – where the well-known poet and writer lived from 1749 to 1775. Decorated according to the eighteenth century’s neoclassical, baroque and rococo styles, it houses Goethe’s favorite amusement: a puppet theater. Also visit the nearby museum entirely dedicated to the life and work of the writer that contains more than 120,000 books;
  • Deutsches Filmmuseum – a cinema museum that portrays the history of the cinematography industry, the Lumière Brothers and the special effects made for movies as “King Kong”;
  • Judengasse Museum – where there is a Holocaust memorial and where you can learn more about what was like to live in the city’s old Jewish ghettos;
  • Romer Square (Römerberg)  the central square of the old town surrounded by typical Germanic architecture;
  • Historisches Museum – featuring many exhibits on the history of Frankfurt and models of the city at different ages;
  • Alte Nikolaikirche – a gothic church whose origins date back to the 13th century, used by German emperors for two centuries;

  • Dom Cathedral – where medieval kings were crowned and whose tower (Frankfurt Dom Turm Öffnungszeiten) offers a wonderful panoramic view of the city;
  • Eschenheimer Tower – has 47 meters and is one of the few structures remaining from the ancient walls surrounding Frankfurt, which survived until today. It is one of the most important historical sites;
  • Museum of Modern Art (Museum für Moderne Kunst);
  • Zeil Street – also known as “The Golden Mile” and is the most popular and charming shopping street in Frankfurt, serving as a huge outdoor shopping center;
  • Frankfurt Flea Market – open every Saturday from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm, along the river Main, selling souvenirs, accessories, clothing, and crafts;
  • Archaeological Garden (Archäologischer Garten) – discovered after World War II, it has the oldest traces of the city ever found, as a Roman sauna and the foundations of a chapel.