Pico da Saúde, a magical place on Graciosa Island

In far gone times, on a hill above a beautiful beach, lived a young woman with bright eyes, whose liveliness had been robbed by an illness that prevented her from walking.

As they saw her, every day, sitting on the top of the hill, people called the place: “O pico da Coxa”.

Despite suffering from her condition, the sparkle in the young woman’s eyes was not caused by her tears. With a kind heart and serene soul, the young woman found great happiness in the beauty surrounding her: in the shining layer of the sea merging with the blue of the sky, in the flowers covering the fields and in the joyful voices of children playing on the beach. The beauty of Graciosa Island was so intense that it made her heart grow with the certainty that she would walk again.

One day, as if she was being rocked by the island, the young woman got up from her chair and ran lightly over the hill to the beach.

The scene was so remarkable that, as a sign of faith and gratitude, the population built a chapel dedicated to Nossa Senhora da Saúde at the top of the hill.The place then changed its name to “Pico da Saúde” and offers visitors a breathtaking view of the island.

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