The wonderful legend of the Seven Enchanted Calderas on Flores Island

Many years ago, a boy with a kind and dreamy heart lived on Flores Island.

As usual at that time, the boy had the daily task of carrying water from a spring to his house.

One day, while carrying two jugs of water home, he found a puddle formed by the rain. He stopped there to rest and play a little, freeing his imagination. Fantasizing that he was a great magician, he imagined he would create lakes on his island as beautiful as the ones described to the sailors who docked at Flores Island.

With heart and mind united by the same will, the boy poured a little bit of the water he had in the jugs into the puddle and soon saw a large lake rise at his feet.

Amazed by his feat, the boy began to pour water from his jugs in all the puddles he found on the way. Whenever he did so, new lakes were created, all with different shapes and features, which began to embellish his island, just as he had imagined.

This is how the seven lakes on Flores Island were created. They still fascinate those who visit them.

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