Corvo island to Inspire a tale of a thousand pirates

Far in time, Corvo Island was a haven for Atlantic pirates who preferred it to plunder and enslave its inhabitants. In 1632, faced with a new threat of invasion and with a will inspired by courage and faith, the people decided to resist with their rudimentary agricultural tools and with a secret weapon offered by their land.

From the top of the cliffs that surround the island, everyone knew that there was an abundance of something that proved more powerful than gunpowder: volcanic rocks. From the steep gorge that marked the entrance to the island, the Corvinos created a rain of stones that immediately crushed the invasion, driving the pirates back to the sea.

Legend says that the island’s patron saint – Nossa Senhora do Rosário – came to their aid by deflecting every shot from the pirates back to their ships, and has since been known as Our Lady of Miracles.

Although lost in time, this inspiration of resilience lives, even today, in the memory of Corvo Island’s people.

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