São Miguel, the Magical island of a forbidden love

In distant times, in the Kingdom of Sete Cidades, lived a blue-eyed princess, imprisoned by the condition of being the king’s only child.

Tired of the exile imposed by her father, the young woman escaped from her imprisonment to find freedom in the forests of enchantments that the castle walls could not hide. In this dream place, planted on a dormant volcano, the princess awoke love in the green eyes of a young shepherd, with whom she exchanged promises of everlasting love. But another wall rose. The king, her father, discovered the romance and soon forbade the princess to see the shepherd again, granting, however, that they would say goodbye at one last meeting. Wrapped in an embrace, the two lovers cried so much that Nature, moved by the inevitability of this love, made two lakes rise from their tears: one blue, the color of the princess’s eyes, and the other green, like the shepherd’s eyes.

Even today, on sunny days, it is possible to contemplate, in Sete Cidades, this love that has always found its place: two different color lakes that are always together, without ever being able to mix.

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