2020 in review

We strengthen our services and our Brand os nossos serviços e a nossa Marca

We facilitated contact with our passengers, simplifying processes, and shortening the response time on our website through an online complaint and suggestion form. At the same time, we created a daily process for monitoring suggestions and complaints that come to us, as well as the response times to passengers.

At our Contact Center, we have implemented a new service system that allows us to respond more quickly and efficiently to our customers’ requests.

We established regular punctuality reports that allow us to know, at each moment, the current situation and implement improvements in what is one of the most important issues for our passengers: the punctuality of our flights.

Last but not least, we renewed the painting of our planes and took the opportunity to take back an important symbol of our history: the BIA – Blue Island Azor – a reinvented Azor composed of nine asymmetrical pieces that symbolize the union of the nine islands of the archipelago. We thus unified SATA Azores Airlines’ brand, giving Azores Airlines and SATA Air Açores a single identity.

We established a code-share agreement with Air France

With the new code-share agreement between SATA Azores Airlines and Air France, passengers on both airlines now benefit from a simplified booking and travel process, with a single check-in and airline ticket, and dozens of connections shared per week between Paris and the five gateways in the Azores, namely the islands of São Miguel, Santa Maria, Terceira, Faial, and Pico, via Lisbon and Porto.

We cherished our passengers

As love is in the details, we wanted to welcome our passengers in a very special way on Valentine’s Day.

On February 25, we took the cheerful Azorean Carnival spirit onboard our airplanes, serving delicious malassadas, a traditional delicacy of that time of year. These were sweet flights with Azorean flavors!

We didn’t cross our arms

We were just getting started when the unexpected happened. Not even more than seven decades of experience in commercial aviation made us predict the consequences of a worldwide pandemic. We have prepared, nonetheless. We redefined goals. We changed our plans. With the resilience, commitment, and persistence of those who take care of their home, we have made new plans, studied day by day, hour by hour, with the unconditional commitment of each member of our great team. We set new priorities, in line with the moment we were living in: ensuring everyone’s safety.

On March 19, all SATA Group’s flights were suspended. However, we remained committed to ensuring that nothing would lack in the Autonomous Region of the Azores. From Maintenance to Ground Assistance, passing through the Cargo Service and, of course, our crews. On land and in the air, we have been and will always be here to serve the Azoreans the best we know. After all, we are family.

We carried out humanitarian missions and repatriation flights that took thousands of passengers to the safety of their homes.

We also ensured hold availability for priority cargo such as basic necessities, hospital supplies, cases of force majeure, medicines, and special cargo, and carried out cargo flights.

We restarted our flights

We resumed commercial flights after procedures for meticulous hygiene and disinfection of our fleet were defined, after training our crews to take all necessary measures, and after providing all passengers with information about the new travel procedures.

We celebrated 73 years of our first commercial flight

On June 15, 1947, the Beechcraft UC-45B Expeditor spread wings and flew between the islands of São Miguel and Santa Maria. A trip that took six hours by sea, took about 30 minutes in the clouds.

We completed 79 years of history

We celebrated the 79th anniversary of our foundation on August 21. It’s 79 years of a shared dream whose main goal was to break the isolation of the Azores Archipelago and its people.

We guaranteed travel changes free of charge

When purchasing their trip on flights operated by SATA Air Açores and SATA Azores Airlines until March 31, 2021, our passengers will be able to change the starting date, free of charge, the number of times they need, within the validity of their ticket through any SATA Azores Airlines Sales Office and Contact Center or at a Travel Agency.

We renewed our website

We have made our website more appealing and functional to offer an even better online experience: simpler, more enjoyable, and intuitive!

We launched the pre-paid extra baggage service

With the pre-paid extra baggage service, our passengers now have the possibility to purchase additional baggage allowance at a lower price than they would have to pay at check-in due to excess baggage, making their trip even more comfortable.

We participated in the transport of the Covid-19 vaccine

On the last day of the year, SATA marked once again the history of the country and of the Azores, in particular, participating in the transport of the Covid-19 vaccine on the Terceira – Ponta Delgada route.

Having you on board is what motivates us to do more and better. We will always be here to fly you around the world, on your return home or on your business trip.

Fly with us in 2021!

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