To Bravo and Charlie

There are passions that reason is unaware of. Discover another story from the passionate world of aviation.

SATA Air Açores’ Dash Q200 is small in size but not “small” at all. We emphasize this because the words are treacherous and could take on a pejorative meaning that we wouldn’t certainly apply to our flying machines, whatever they may be.

Let’s say our little Dash Q200 is our most comfortable plane, has only 37 seats, but two powerful Pratts & Whitney propeller engines. It is a 25.91 meters high wing aircraft, a perfect dimension for those who must know how to dance with the wind and clouds, in short, with the natural temperament of the Azores. It’s the only plane that arrives at Corvo Island and provides us with absolutely incredible landings and take-offs on the smallest runway in the Azores Archipelago.

Those who live the air operation intensely like us here on this side and as many of our passengers and followers know well when the Q200 approaches. The sound of its engines is unmistakable and if some call it “a noisy machine”, we correct it with it has “a mature and safe voice”.

And although it may seem strange to give human characteristics to machines, it is very common to hear our Aircraft Maintenance Technicians speak of our planes as if they were their children. For them, these machines have a name: they are Bravo and Charlie. After all, it’s these adoptive parents who are responsible for caring, understanding, studying, and healing all their wounds. We hope you understand: an airplane is definitely more to us than a flying machine.

Because Christmas is just around the corner, our Q200 will once again be converted into the Combi version in the coming weeks. And what is this, after all, the reader asks? It’s a mixed version, which allows you to carry more cargo than usual, but still, continue to accommodate passengers who wish to travel in the cabin. This transformation has already been experienced in the recent past to ensure the supply of essential goods during the emergency phase caused by the pandemic COVID-19. But now the Combi version is back for another reason: because although the pandemic persists, the Christmas spirit is stronger than the virus and at SATA we hope to transport, for each island that awaits us, everything that is needed in this special time.

In the coming days, as well as for the rest of the year, the Q200 will continue to ensure travel to Corvo but will land a lot in Flores, Graciosa, São Jorge, Faial, and Pico in a continuous air operation, which usually adds up to more than five flights a day. Inside, in addition to our passengers and three crew members (two in the cockpit and one in the cabin), they will transport fresh food, mail, basic necessities, and, of course, gifts from here and there.

And now we ask: will you look at it in another way on the next trip aboard a Dash Q200, and will you appreciate the roar of its engines with another tenderness? We hope so. After all, nothing gives us more pleasure than sharing with you the multiple reasons that motivate our passion for aviation.

Bombardier Dash Q200
Pratts & Whitney Canada PW123C / D Engines
Power: 2,150 SHP
Length: 22.25 m
Wingspan: 25.91 m
Height: 7.49 m
Cruising speed: 535 Km / h
Maximum altitude: 7,620 m
Range: 1,839 Km
Fuel Capacity: 3,160 Lt
Number of passengers: 37

In the Combi version: 29 seats | 1608 kg load (+ 65% than in the classic version)

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