Today is World Fisheries Day

The Azores, as islands, are intrinsically linked to the sea. Those who visit us have at their disposal a huge range of nautical activities that go from whale watching to diving or sport fishing. Those who live here are used to the benefits and vicissitudes of being surrounded by it, accepting the good and the bad that it offers each day. Today, on World Fisheries Day, we pay special attention to our fishermen who understand this condition like no one else.

This job is, perhaps, the one that best describes the Azorean soul, made of determination, resilience and faith. These men face the unpredictability of the sea on a daily basis and subject themselves to what Nature decides to offer them, in a job that entails difficulty and hardship, not only because of the huge waves and often adverse weather conditions in the middle of the central area of ​​the Atlantic Ocean, but also because of the long periods of absence from the family, who often hope and despair on land.

Finding a fair balance so that we can extract what Nature can offer, without harming the extraordinary habitat that is our sea, is also of great importance and the fishing practiced in the Azores is a sustainable and responsible fishing, which results in the global appreciation of our fish.

The fish from the Azores is recognized as one of the best in the world, if not the best, much sought after and increasingly appreciated. It is incomparable in taste and freshness. And maintaining this freshness is a complex task shared by several contributors. After being caught, the fish destined for purchase is packed with care and organization and the one destined for export is placed in well-sealed boxes. These volumes are labeled and travel to the airport.

This is where SATA Cargo comes in, which reserves space in the hold of the airplanes, and which subsequently knows the amount of fresh fish available, guaranteeing its boarding priority. Perishable goods such as fish take priority, but reservations are based on forecasts, as the catch is only estimated. With the goal of satisfying our customers, we seek the best solution for each situation, knowing that, by joining efforts, we will always achieve better results. Customer satisfaction is the priority.

This is, therefore, a joint effort, which counts on everyone’s sense of responsibility, but which starts with those who roll up their sleeves and start their journey, out to sea, searching for good Azorean fish.

Heitor Barquinho/ Photo by
Aurélio Moniz

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