Ask the purser #3

With so many flights and such irregular work hours, how is it possible to adjust personal and family life with work?

When we see crews who look impeccable and are always smiling, regardless of the circumstances, it’s easy to forget that they, too, have personal lives outside of work. But balancing the life of a Flight Attendant with personal and family life is a challenge and a reality that must be taken into consideration as something that comes with the job.

Festive seasons, special dates or free weekends are something you cannot count on, requiring different logistics, help, understanding, awareness and the ability to adapt from everyone involved.

Being away for work is the most complicated aspect of this job, especially for those who have children. The schedules are also slightly different from other jobs. However, it turns out that this is the reality known to the whole family, and everything ends up adapting.

After all, everything is possible when you do what you love!

This post had the contribution of pursers Marlene Garcia, from SATA Air Açores, and Isabel Ribeiro, from Azores Airlines.

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