Frequent Flyer – Cuca Roseta

Cuca Roseta is a name with fame in Portuguese fado. The Lisbon artist recently toured the nine islands of the archipelago of the Azores. A trip that left memories. “magical” memories, as she tells us.

Name: Cuca Roseta
Date and place of birth: December 2, 1981, Lisbon
Profession: Fado singer
Albums: “Cuca Roseta” (2011); “Raíz” (2013); “Riû” (2015); “Luz” (2017)

You recently toured the nine islands of the Azores. What is the importance of this Azorean tour for you, personally and professionally?

It was a dream come true. I love the Azores, and I wanted to take my music to all the islands, to get to know each island’s richness and also their talent. So, we invited an artist on each island. It was unbelievable. It was, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful tours of my life.

Fado being a typically Portuguese song, but with roots in Lisbon, to what extent was it different to sing in the Azores?

It wasn’t different. It was like singing in any other city than Lisbon. Fado is very
appreciated in the Azores, and there is even a song from the Azores that has always been sung in fado houses, Olhos Negros, that everyone knows and deeply appreciates. My concert doesn’t sing only fado. It sings essentially Portuguese tradition, Coimbra, Alentejo, folklore, and marches.

We won’t ask you which island you liked the most, but could you describe what memories you will keep from this trip?

Impossible to choose, they are all very different and singular, and each one marked me for distinct reasons. The Caldeirao in Corvo. S. Jorge is very homely. Pico is magical and different from everything else. Flores has that breathtaking landscape. Terceira, Faial, and Graciosa are so pure. They are magnificent and, of course, Santa Maria, with the desert on one side and that sea that looks like velvet on the other, and S. Miguel is an endless paradise. Its trails and lagoons. I would stay here for a month just describing the wonder of this tour.

Do you plan to come back personally? What would you most like to do then?

The Azores is to come back every year. I love nature. The Azores is really a paradise on Earth with a lot to discover. I come from there renewed with the energy of that magical place.

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