5 activities for families with children not to be missed in São Miguel

Known as the Green Island, São Miguel offers its visitors much more than breathtaking landscapes. In addition to superb forest reserves, lakes of surreal beauty, natural hot water pools, and black sand beaches, São Miguel fascinates for the authenticity of its people and its delicious cuisine.
Today, we suggest five excellent activities for families with children that certainly will only be a gateway to discover this magical island.

Take your time in Furnas.

With hot springs that rise through a stunning landscape of several shades of green, Vale das Furnas seems to have come straight out of a fairy tale. Start by taking a walk through this place of peculiar beauty and be surprised by its several hot springs. Pass through Terra Nostra, which is considered one of the most beautiful gardens in Europe with more than two thousand species of trees. In this park or at Poça da Beija, you can bathe in natural hot thermal water pools. Be sure to visit the beautiful Furnas Lake and the place where you can make Furnas stew, letting the ingredients cook slowly underground. Have the famous stew for lunch in a local restaurant and be sure to also taste the famous bolo lêvedo.

Pay a visit to Ponta Delgada.

Ponta Delgada is a city full of history, culture and charisma. There are many gardens and monuments that you will find on a city tour, but we suggest starting at Portas da Cidade and going from this iconic point for a pleasant walk. As an alternative, or complement, you can take a ride on the Lagarta, a lovely tourist train that passes through several tourist spots in the city. It’s a different and fun way to get to know the city, especially appreciated by the little ones. Have lunch or recharge in Portas di Mar, where you can find several restaurants or bars with a privileged sea view.

Go to the islet of Vila Franca do Campo.

Classified as a Natural Reserve, this islet originated from the crater of an old submerged volcano, is one of the main tourist attractions of São Miguel.
With its walls lined with endemic vegetation, the islet, also known as the “Princess Ring”, has a charming natural circular pool with calm waters, ideal for spending quality time with your family.
From June to September it is possible to get to the islet through a regular boat service in Vila Franca do Campo.

Discover some of the unavoidable lakes of São Miguel.

The lakes of Sete Cidades and Lagoa do Fogo are unavoidable for their beauty and for the impressive atmosphere that surrounds them.
At Sete Cidades, have a picnic with the kids and maybe go canoeing or Stand Up Paddle.
During your visit to Lagoa do Fogo, stop on the way at Caldeira Velha, where you can enjoy several natural hot water pools surrounded by a stunning landscape. It is here that you will also find one of the most famous waterfalls in São Miguel.

Visit one of the island’s Recreation Forest Reserves, true sanctuaries of São Miguel’s exuberant and generous nature.

There are several, but we recommend the Recreational Forest Reserve of Pinhal da Paz and the Recreational Forest Reserve of Chã da Macela to visit with children.
In addition to a wide variety of trees and vegetation, you will find good conditions for barbecues or picnics, playgrounds and even friendly families of deer, goats and birds. It will certainly be a program not to be missed.

We wish you a great family trip!

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