About your carry-on baggage

If you wish to travel with your bag in the cabin, you can do so free of charge, but with a few limitations.

When checking in for your flight, all your carry-on baggage must be displayed to be properly tagged. The tags we place on our passengers’ baggage identify where they should be stowed in the aircraft cabin.

Carry-on baggage must be placed under the seat in front of you and will be identified with a white tag. All baggage that doesn’t fit there must be accommodated in the overhead compartments and will be identified with a blue tag.

Be aware that maximum size and weight limits have been set for carry-on baggage to maintain our punctuality, speeding boarding, arrival and passenger and baggage accommodation; to guarantee compliance with the maximum weight supported by aircraft baggage compartments; and, most importantly, to ensure that the actual total take-off weight of the aircraft corresponds to the weight reported to the Captain, ensuring maximum flight safety.

We know that you want some significant items and belongings to travel with you. There are even some that really should, such as identification documents, cell phones (on flight mode), cash, checks, cards, medicines, commercial samples, jewelry, or fragile and perishable objects. However, you should limit your carry-on baggage to the essentials and volumes that you can handle independently.

Please note that on flights with high load factor, your carry-on baggage may need to be transported in the cargo hold at no additional cost. In this case, you must ensure that you carry your travel documents and essential items with you.

Check all the information we have available for carry-on baggage here.

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