Ask the purser #1

There has always been a fascination for the work of Flight Attendants. The way they seem to be in one place and then in another, their good looks, framed by the elegant uniform of their airline and accompanied by the emblematic trolley, fascinate half the world.

We asked pursers Marlene Garcia, from SATA Air Açores, and Isabel Ribeiro, from Azores Airlines, to tell us a little about the secrets and the day-to-day of this charismatic job, in the new section of the blog “Ask the purser.”

Here is the first question.

How do crews manage to look so good after so many hours of flying every day?

Rest before flights is essential, but hydration is no less important.

The air inside the cabin tends to be drier, so using a good moisturizer before makeup is essential to ensure that the skin is healthy and looking good. One of the main secrets for beautiful skin after hours of exposure to an artificial environment is a good daily cleansing with a toner, micellar water or cleansing milk. The next step is, again, to hydrate the skin.

Furthermore, water is a Flight Attendant’s best ally. Abundant daily hydration of the organism, complemented with a balanced and varied diet, helps to maintain balance in the constant irregular schedules.

But Flight Attendants have another secret to look good during their workday: they always carry an essential item they call a “magic box”, which contains makeup products for touch-ups that may be needed.

As for hair, SATA Group’s Uniform Regulation states that hair longer than shoulder-length can be worn loose. Otherwise, it must always be styled in an up do.

There are many ideas for hairstyles, but their execution takes practice and some skill. Simple hairstyles, which you can easily fix or redo, when necessary, are preferable. A hair mousse that gives some hold or a hairspray can also help to keep hair in place.

To keep your hair looking healthy, especially when it is exposed to dry and/or artificial environments for many hours, it is necessary to moisturize it regularly with masks and serums.

| This post had the collaboration of SATA Air Açores’ Purser Marlene Garcia (further left in the photo) and Azores Airlines Purser Isabel Ribeiro (further right in the photo).

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