On our way to a more sustainable future

On March 21st, International Day of Forests, we take another step on the way to reducing the environmental impact of our activity, giving our passengers the possibility to offset the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of their flights, through our Voluntary Carbon Offsetting Program.

The offset is realized through contribution to projects that avoid creating new CO2emissions or remove carbon from the atmosphere.

The monetary value of the offset, on each trip, is calculated automatically, depending on the level of CO2 emitted by each flight. These levels are based on operational parameters such as route (origin/destination), distance traveled, cargo carried, number of passengers, booking class, fuel consumption, and type of aircraft that will perform the flight.

In this first phase, we will support the project “Eco-filter Guatemala Improved Stoves and Water Purification”.

In partnership with ClimateCare and Natural Capital Partners, this project aims to improve the health of families in Guatemala by reducing the time and money spent on purchasing fuel for cooking, as well as providing local populations with better access to safe drinking water. The project will provide improved high-quality stoves to replace traditional inefficient fires in rural areas and high-quality water purification devices (eco-filters) that will increase access to safe drinking water.

There are no projects in Portugal integrated into the IATA Offset Carbon Program, however, and if some become available in the future, especially in the Azores, they can be added to the set of eligible sustainable projects available for passengers to support.

Passengers can join this program whenever they book their SATA Azores Airlines flights, through our sales offices and Contact Center.

Access to the program will later also be available when booking through SATA Group’s airlines’ website.

The aim to reduce the environmental footprint in all activities and contexts is increasingly present in each of us. Therefore, we believe that this opportunity will be very well received by all passengers who wish to have as little impact on the environment as possible on their travels.

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