Christmas message from the SATA Group Chairman

Dream, or play, or inspire others, or help others. Take a moment to breathe!

This is our Christmas message, which was inspired by the words inscribed on the Azores Airlines fleet, which fly over all territories and land at all airports the airline passes through. “Inspire”, “Dream”, “Breathe”, “Wonder”, “Natural”, “Magical” and “Peaceful” translate the feelings that pass to those who fly over or visit the Azores. They are also an expression of our collective pride, as the Archipelago of the Azores is the heart of our mission.

And, if our invitation is to suggest a time to focus on the essential, it is also time to focus on what is most important this end of the year: Expressing our gratitude to you.

Thanking everyone who has been with us, everyone who has helped us to overcome another year distressed by the pandemic. A year with two distinct parts, with a very difficult first half in terms of air traffic, only partially offset by a second half that fills us with hope for the near future, considering the indicators of strong recovery.

In the last months of the year, we carried almost as many passengers as in the pre-pandemic year of 2019. There were days when we surpassed our best marks. We managed to stand out in the difficult world of commercial aviation. And we did it with historic punctuality. We had the opportunity to show our commitment, but, above all, our capacity for transformation. We managed to improve with each passing month. More punctual, more efficient, more attentive and more appreciated by those who chose our airlines.

Our recognition also goes to all those who helped us improve and correct us, and who, despite the difficulties and uncertainties, believed it was worth it!

We have reached the end of another year with the encouragement of those who believe that, in 2022, we will have the opportunity to continue our journey and that we will once again be worthy of their trust and preference. And if we have arrived here with this good feeling, it is our workers, our passengers, our partners, our shareholders, all those who accompany our activity, to whom we owe it.

Finally, to our thanks, I want to add the wish that you can really enjoy a comforting Christmas break.

In your favorite corner of the world, with whomever you most like to be with, in peace and safety.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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