Christmas spirit is in the air

Take a moment to breathe! Or dream, or play, or inspire others, or help others.

This is the invitation that SATA Group’s airlines make, this year, to all those who accompany them, through Christmas actions that are taking place, on board and on land, over these weeks.

SATA Group inspired its Christmas communication with the words that, throughout the year, we can spot at airports through which Azores Airlines passes or in the skies. “Inspire”, “Dream”, “Breathe”, “Wonder”, “Natural”, “Magical” and “Peaceful” are the names inscribed on the aircraft fuselage and that accompany the slogan “That’s the feeling when you visit the Azores.” The main purpose of these words is to show the pride of SATA Group’s roots, but also to honor and promote what is the most important destination for these airlines: the Archipelago of the Azores.

This time, they added to the words we already know as the name of the aircraft, the inspiration brought by the Christmas spirit, inviting passengers – and everyone who comes in contact with the airlines – to pause for a moment to enjoy the simple and beautiful things that this season has, whether in the Azores, or in any other part of the world. A moment to dream; a moment to breathe; a moment to be inspired; a moment to be wondered at a certain moment, with a landscape, with a circumstance.

But beyond words, we thought about actions.

An invitation to passengers for a moment to pose for a photo. It’s an album of good memories and fun moments that is being completed, day by day, and, even more, in these more festive days. It is the offer on board of a sweet Christmas treat for those traveling on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of December. The traditional slice of cake from the season is served on board for a peaceful moment in the clouds.

On land, and as Christmas Day approaches, the white and blue trees gain more color, with colorful decorative balls, where you can read the most affectionate messages that passengers sent in 2021. It is a sign of pride for all those who work at SATA Group, a real early Christmas gift for all those who are committed to making 2021 a year of recovery and persistent improvement in the service provided.

Finally, SATA Group workers will not forget to take a moment to help others. The internal solidarity campaign mobilizes, every year, employees who are committed to collecting essential goods that bring a number of institutions and families in need of comfort.  The collection is organized in the different areas of the companies, with a view to providing gift baskets in the different islands of the Archipelago. More than communication that invites a break and suggests that we take the time to enjoy the good moments, they are the actions that accompany it, which so often seem simple and unimportant, but which together, leveraged by the multiplier effect of all, really make the difference.

And while it is true that transporting people and goods in the Group’s core mission, it will never give up doing, whether on land or in the air, a little more than that, present in another way, in the life and development of the community where we are all inserted.

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