We helped Ana to face the fear of flying!

Ana Serpa is one of many people who suffer from aerophobia, or the fear of flying. The discomfort she felt whenever a plane took off was so intense that it led her, several times, to give up traveling.

Committed to overcoming this fear, Ana signed up for our Happy Flyer program, in which she visited Horta airport.

Ana was kindly received by the local station manager, who accompanied her on a visit to two of our airplanes: one from SATA Air Açores and the other from Azores Airlines.

Welcomed on board in an environment similar to a real flight, Ana had the opportunity to visit the cockpit, to understand how the world of aviation works and to clarify all her doubts and fears, in a close and relaxed conversation with SATA group’s professionals . At the end of the visit, Ana was surprised with a few gifts: a miniature airplane, a bag with our brand, a pen and a notebook.

A few days after her trip, Ana sent us a nice message, from which we highlight these words:

My fear of flying reached a point of panic and phobia.

I joined the Happy Flyer program and since the moment I booked the ticket, I have always felt understood and assisted by SATA’s workers. The crew on board were attentive to me throughout the trip and never failed to give me a hand in that difficult moment!
​​​​​​​Mrs. Vera Moniz organized a
day dedicated to getting to know the entire Horta airport. Mrs. Odília Pinheiro took me to all corners of the airport, and I was able to talk with the pilots, as well as with the rest of the crew, and expose my doubts and fears.
Due to the Happy Flyer Program, I realized that I was not alone and that our fear is often caused by lack of knowledge.

I can say that I feel more secure about flying.”

We hope that Ana can now enjoy more relaxed flights.

If you suffer from aerophobia (fear of flying) or experience a feeling of discomfort whenever a plane takes off, learn more about our Happy Flyer program here.

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