There’s a new feeling in the Atlantic skies!

“Peaceful” is the word chosen to feature along the fuselage of Azores Airlines’ new Airbus A321neo LR, with registration number CS-TSJ, highlighting the feelings of peace and tranquility that are typical of the Archipelago of the Azores, transmitted both by its exquisite landscapes and the serene way of life of its people and which are much appreciated by those who visit the Azorean islands, especially by visitors from big cities who choose these islands as a holiday destination.

All of our A321neo have received a design that emotionally appeals to our magical destinations. Intending to inspire our passengers, the words inscribed on their fuselage refer to the magical, wonderful, and peaceful universe of the Azores. “Breathe”, “Wonder”, “Magical”, “Inspire”, and now “Peaceful”, translate the symbolic tribute to the Azores, which is the birthplace of SATA group’s companies and our destination for Nature, at the same time.

We recall that the innovative A321neo integrate state-of-the-art engines and wing-tip devices that Airbus calls Sharklets. They also allow to reduce the carbon footprint of each passenger, as well as substantial cost reductions per seat, and a lower fuel expense per flight.

With all comfort, passengers flying on our Airbus A321neo will be able to access the free “AirAzoreswifi” network to watch movies, access entertainment for kids, and read useful information.

Onboard the A321neo LR, they can even purchase internet access packages.

“Peaceful” began its first of many days of operation for Azores Airlines with the route Lisbon – Terceira – Porto – Terceira – Lisbon.

Our mission to build Atlantic bridges between the Azores and the world is expanded and continued on the wings of our new bird. Keep watching the skies!

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