I liked it so much, SATA!

I’m one of those snotty ones who doesn’t miss an opportunity to badmouth SATA, but today I looked at the man, inside this plane I’m writing to you from, and told him, in the middle of an epiphany:

– It’s all over between us. I love this lady. Truly.

(He laughed. He never takes me seriously).

This lady I was telling you about was the stewardess/ flight attendant/ I don’t know what the girl’s job is called exactly.

Colleagues in her profession, you have to be very careful with her… She sets your standards very high!

It all started when I was getting on the plane, and she tilted her head to welcome me and ask if I was in a good mood. But it was that nod of the head from someone who knows you and really cares about the answer, you know? Now, the truth is that I had never seen the lady before in my life, so I could only deduce that she is very empathetic. Or else very professional. Or both. Either way, she is all good! And the man says that she also greeted him at the entrance in a very heartfelt way.

Then she even introduced a moment of humor when she addressed the passengers traveling near the emergency exits and made the whole plane laugh. By now, we already have her as empathetic, good professional, and good-natured. Says the man:

– This girl is going to make boss.

When I was already sitting in my seat, all spangled up, spilling half over the man, half down the seat, she asked me again if I was okay. I gave her my 32nd smile, told her, yes, but she insisted that I was pale and asked if I wanted a little water. And she brought me the water. She’s a real sweetheart, the young lady. So, besides being empathetic, nice, good professional, and good-natured, we learned that the lady has polygraph lineage because she could tell that I was pretty rotten.

(I’m eight months pregnant tomorrow, and I feel like I’m beaten to a pulp. And by the way, my body also looks like a wide-waisted eight. That’s too many eights in a person’s life. Besides very bad heartburn, my nipples already hurt (only one of them, strangely enough) because of anticipation, and I was clutching my left breast as if it was going to escape in an attempt to warm the sore nipple).

Just now, on the stopover in S. Jorge, she came over to the back of the plane to ask me if I was in a better mood. Oh… One is delighted with this attention! I told the man:

– Forget it. You don’t have a chance. This is the woman I want for my life.

The vulgar man wouldn’t let it go:

– Don’t be like that. Don’t worry, I’ll take you both, and I don’t think I’ll be underserved.

P.S.1 – I looked at the name tag with the lady’s name, and it seemed to read Marlene Maiato, but I don’t know if I saw it right.

P.S.2 – I might send this text to SATA. They deserve to know that their staff selection process is on point, very accurate.

(In the mail to SATA, I may delete the part about my nipple, which may be too graphic for them. Between you and me, my friends who read me around here, we already realize that there is no such thing as too much information, right?)

Passenger Fedra Miriam’s Story

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