Bermuda – a true escape

Bermuda is open and welcoming visitors! We propose taking you comfortably onboard our A321neo to this Atlantic paradise on Sundays, from June to September. We give you plenty of reasons to accept our proposal. Are you coming?

The Bermuda Islands are much more than a paradise with an ideal climate, crystal clear waters, and pink sand beaches, or a place of unexplained mysteries. Its English architecture and pubs, Anglican churches, and dozens of golf courses mix up with colorful houses, Caribbean touches, and the famous bermuda shorts proudly worn by locals and tourists.

The Bermuda Islands are a dream come true. Its famous pink sand beaches such as Elbow Beach and Horseshoe Bay, combined with the historical heritage and the countless activities on offer, make this vacation destination one of the most popular in the world.

Its tourist tradition dates back to the Winter of 1883, with the stay of Queen Victoria’s daughter, Louise, in Hamilton, who inaugurated the region’s elegant and exclusive tourism. And even today, this destination preserves the style and atmosphere of the past, in a beautiful setting that alternates between picturesque forts and pastel-colored houses, lost in refined gardens.

The Bermuda Islands reveal typical British traditions and strong commercial ties with America, resulting in a cultural pot pleasant to discover. They are part of British territory and form an archipelago composed of dozens of islands, between Florida and the island of Puerto Rico, with which they form the so-called Bermuda Triangle, which today offers tourists the most impressive diving experiences.

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