3 nations, 1 mission

Portugal > Cuba > Bissau > Portugal: another very special air operation by SATA Azores Airlines. A long-haul flight but, above all, an emotional journey.

We want to share the best in us inviting you to another journey in our company and telling you a little more about this wonderful world of travel, dreams, reunions, fraternal hugs, and good feelings.

It was about 10 p.m. in Bissau when the Airbus A321neo LR took-off from Osvaldo Vieira International Airport. Onboard were Cuban doctors, nurses and health technicians who came to assist Guinea-Bissau in fighting COVID-19.

Welcomed with open arms, the emotion was very clear in the eyes of those who longed for the arrival of medical assistance. After an eight-hour flight, the health professionals landed and, minutes later, still on the runway, unrolled, in a symbolic and proud gesture, the flag of Cuba. Even before the aircraft landed, the Guinea Bissau Prime Minister had already publicly expressed his thanks and had acknowledged the “readiness and compassion”.

On their return to Lisbon, after their short stay in Bissau, SATA Azores Airlines’ crew returned to their stations, ready to accommodate 170 passengers who, surprised by COVID-19, were stranded in Guinea Bissau and anxiously awaited their return to their countries of origin or residence. A peaceful, overnight flight back home that arrived in Lisbon even before dawn.

Missions like this, in which SATA Azores Airlines has been honored to participate, leave memories for life. They prove that the union between peoples and Nations, the compassion and the spirit of mutual aid arise in the most difficult moments.

It is also a mission; a job to do; the surprise of the emotion felt in the moment that will last in the collective memory and the undeniable privilege of flying together.