SATA Group’s corporate video for 2020 – The making of

The meeting was scheduled for 8:30 am, on a sunny July morning, at João Paulo II Airport, in Ponta Delgada.

The Communication team, Captain Vitor Lopes, and Flight Attendant Raquel Pimentel came together with a single goal in mind: to create SATA Group’s corporate video for 2020. In an atypical year like this, the mission was to inform passengers that SATA Group’s airlines have redoubled their hygiene and safety procedures, on land and in the air, to ensure comfortable and safe flights to the Azores, our main destination, our identity, our home.

After the usual airport security procedures, with the precious support of the Ground Handling Direction, and the new check-in procedure simulated for the cameras with the Traffic and Ground Handling Technician, Sara Amorim, it was time to start filming on the “air side” of the airport.

The A321neo “Breathe” – the aircraft that would serve as a backdrop for the video – was already parked on the apron with its access stairs and prepared by the Maintenance and Engineering Department.

The tripod and camera were positioned on the apron, the perfect light was studied and the instructions for gestures and posture were told to the participants by those who were behind the scenes. The word “action” was announced!

In the first instance, the Captain and the Flight Attendant would be filmed on their usual way to the aircraft, and then everything would go on the inside.

New shootings took place on the following day, with some clouds decorating the sky. This time, the Communication team and Flight Attendant Raquel Pimentel headed to the famous Porto Formoso Tea Factory, where they were welcomed by the owners with the typical Azorean care and natural kindness. It seems that nothing in this emblematic and incredibly beautiful place can go wrong.

The day couldn’t have ended in a better way. The filming would finish at Jardim António Borges, in Ponta Delgada, where the lush vegetation, which includes a few hundred exotic species, was the ideal scenery for a peaceful tour of our Flight Attendant under the camera.

After hours of preparing a briefing able to describe everything SATA Group’s corporate video for 2020 should transmit, of writing a script that should be both inspirational and informative and planning each image to capture, the recordings were completed at the end of those two days.

Once the video montage work was finished, the final product aligns image by image with our priority in this gradual return to normality: the well-being and safety of all who travel with us. We want to inspire them, in video format, to make their dreams come true, to do business, to visit those they love in a conscious, careful, sustainable way. At the same time, we wish to commit doing the same here on our side with great care, eager to welcome them again on land and onboard.

Check the result here.