Happiness is a journey

If you’ve been looking for good reasons to travel, we can give you a few: traveling increases creativity and the ability to focus, reduces stress, enriches us culturally and, above all, develops a feeling of happiness and well-being.

Mário Quintana described perfectly that “travel is changing the clothes of the soul”.

Traveling is much more than leaving the place we are to move to another. In fact, just the expectation that involves packing and imagining the unpredictability that the destination offers us, the adventure, the novelty at every corner, already gives us an incredible feeling of happiness. In this preparation, we have already started to travel.

Exploring a new destination, a different place from what we are used to, is being able to see the world again through the eyes of a child. Observing what people wear, do, how they behave and how they interact. Discover new places where we can have experiences that will stay in our memory, new smells, new colors, new flavors, other realities.

On our way home, we can say we returned with excess baggage. Not physically speaking, but with a heart full of new sensations, with a mind full of new images and memories, with a renewed soul. With credits to feel inspired indefinitely, or maybe until our next trip.

Travel often. Fly with us.

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