A sweet tradition onboard Azores Airlines

There are many ways to win a person’s heart, but the sweetest ones get special notoriety in the Azores at this time of year.

We are talking about malassadas, a traditional delicacy with a light and fluffy dough, and a distinctive and cozy taste, which characterizes festivities in the Azores during this time of year.

During the festivities – Guy Friends Day, Girl Friends Day, and Carnival Tuesday – we offered our passengers these famous sweets on all Azores Airlines flights departing from Ponta Delgada. We were very happy to bring this courtesy gesture onboard. It reminds us of warm Azorean traditions and makes our flights sweeter and more pleasant.

There are several reasons why these sweets are so special, from the ingredients used, the recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation, to the fact that they symbolize the joy that is experienced around Azorean tables in times of great joy.

Around here, we ensure that the malassadas we offer our passengers are traditional and handcrafted with all of Paula and Luciana’ s dedication, at Servicater.

As a child, Paula became acquainted with malassadas when, together with her brothers, she accompanied her aunt while making these traditional sweets according to all the principals that this delicacy requires, taking the opportunity to eat some of them while they were still warm.

Today, Paula makes the malassadas professionally, with the help of Luciana, with the mastery learned in years of experience and the love that she has for this Azorean sweet.

Malassadas are prepared using ingredients from the Azores, with the exception of those that are not produced in the archipelago.

It is a way of using high-quality ingredients, but it is also a way of boosting regional economy and adopting increasingly sustainable processes. This gesture of sharing Azorean traditions was very well received by passengers, who were pleasantly surprised and surrendered to the delicious taste of malassadas.

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