Together, we can help more this Christmas

More than any other time, Christmas is a time to give a little more of ourselves to others. And SATA Group employees each year come together to do something special for others, in a joint enterprise that manages to achieve a substantially greater dimension than that made individually.

In Lisbon, SATA Group employees accepted an invitation from the IDB Lisbon building, where they are based, to help the most needy families in the area, in partnership with Refood – a global movement that works locally to rescue tons of good food, eliminate waste and feed those who need it most.

This partnership began with the collection of food items donated by each worker within their capabilities. Afterwards, a SATA van was made available to transport all the goods collected at the IDB Lisbon building to the Refood hub.

Finally, the baskets made with these goods were then distributed by volunteers, with the love and joy inherent in the act and which characterize this special season, to needy families. On this day, more than ever, these volunteers felt the satisfaction of knowing that, at least, the families they helped, in partnership with Refood, will have a happier Christmas.

Additionally, the Christmas get-together of SATA Group employees based in Lisbon had a greater goal, with the collection of Christmas gifts to be offered by the parish of Santa Joana Princesa to children from twenty families of the AFP – Associação Filipino Portuguesa.

In Ponta Delgada, the employees’ get-together was also a reason for each worker to voluntarily contribute with toys, games, educational material or household goods to be offered to the Social Center of Nossa Senhora do Rosário, which has three facilities: a female home, a nursery and a kindergarten.

Overall, it is enough for us that the result of the collective effort represented by these initiatives will make Christmas more cozy and less deprived of the simple things that make everyone happy. Faced with the current and growing problems, many people are going through, it may seem like little. It may seem like a small thing, but it is so much better than crossing your arms.

We are serving the Azores, and we end up serving the communities in the destinations where we have been operating for almost eight decades, which naturally involves much more than building air bridges.

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