Special treats aboard the first flights between the Azores and New York

In June, Azores Airlines will start its air operation between the Azores and New York (through John F. Kennedy International Airport), bringing the paradisiacal archipelago closer to one of the most extraordinary cities in the world.

Scenery for hundreds of films and TV shows, New York City is capable of provoking in those who visit it a peculiar feeling of familiarity, mixed with the wonder of being in a city where the whole world fits.

From the multiplicity of people and cultures, the contrast of formidable skyscrapers alongside extensive tree-lined parks, thousands of restaurants for all tastes, rich museums, to the possibility of discovering many of the best shops in the world, there are several reasons that make a visit to this city an incredible experience.

And, to give our touch of hospitality and welcome the first flights of the operation, we prepared some special treats for our passengers.

Thus, on June 1st, the date on which we started flights between Ponta Delgada and New York, we offered each passenger bound for the city that never sleeps a flight certificate signed by the Captain and a small notebook with a pen, where the passengers will be able to register the best moments of their trip.

For passengers bound for Ponta Delgada, we presented some magnificent flavors of the Azores, offering a Queijada da Vila and an Azorean liqueur, in addition to the Flight Certificate.

On the June 20, on the flight between New York and Terceira, we will offer a tasty Queijada D. Amélia and an Azorean liqueur, as well as a Flight Certificate.

With these simple but thoughtful gestures, we hope to make the first flights between New York and the Azores even more special, transforming, with our Azorean hospitality, the good memories of our passengers into a great desire to return to the Azores aboard Azores Airlines.

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