Children’s Day is a very special day for us

Children’s Day is celebrated in a very special way at SATA Group. Twelve children from Lar da Mãe de Deus travel by plane for the first time, on board Azores Airlines, accompanied by a welcoming team made up of members of that institution and SATA Group, heading for an exciting adventure in Lisbon.

The one-day trip includes a visit to the Oceanário de Lisboa, where children can marvel at the most varied marine species in more than 30 aquariums and meet in person Vasco, the well-known Oceanário mascot, named in reference to the Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama.

The children of Lar da Mãe de Deus, as well as all younger passengers traveling with us on June 1st, will have personalized flight certificates signed by the flight captain. To make this trip with us even more special, we will offer a badge specially designed for little pilots and a themed puzzle, which will not only help spending time on board, but will also serve as a souvenir of this unforgettable day!

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