“Unique” standardizes Azores Airlines fleet paint scheme

Photos by José Alegre

In a happy coincidence, it was on Women’s Day that the A320/CS-TKK from Azores Airlines arrived in Lisbon with the new livery proudly displaying the word “Unique” on its fuselage, alluding to the uniqueness of the Azores.

At a time when it was necessary to carry out maintenance and painting work on the A320/CS-TKK aircraft, we took the opportunity to standardize our fleet with the paint scheme that transformed eight Azores Airlines airplanes into a creative tribute to the Azores archipelago.

Orange was the chosen color for “Unique” which, integrating the color palette of the rest of the fleet, symbolizes the colorful, dazzling and diverse universe we can find in the Azores, the home of Grupo SATA companies and our destination by nature.

This paint scheme reflects not only what we want people to perceive of our brand, but, above all, the values and pride we have in our company and in our charming archipelago.

Photo by Luís Caetano

“Breathe”, “Dream”, “Inspire”, “Magical”, “Natural”, “Peaceful”, “Unique”, and “Wonder” are the words that cross the Atlantic skies every day, turning Azores Airlines airplanes into an emotional invitation to come and discover our islands.

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