Celebration of Male Friends’ Day, Female Friends’ Day and Carnival on board our airplanes

Male Friends’ Day, which is celebrated on February 3, and Female Friends’ Day, which is celebrated on the following Thursday, February 10, set the beginning of the Carnival season in the Azores islands.

Tradition has been a good excuse for friends not to lose the pleasure of getting together around a table and investing some time to strengthen the feeling that unites them. And, although this year, as a result of the pandemic, the festivities on the islands may not be exactly the same as in other times, we felt it would be better not to miss the opportunity to remember this beautiful tradition by offering one of the traditional sweets present in the entire Carnival season – the famous Malassada.

This courtesy will be available on Male Friends’ Day, on Female Friends’ Day and will be repeated on Carnival Tuesday. In addition to making known the most unique and warm traditions of the Azores, Azores Airlines is grateful for the preference and aims to provide relaxed and pleasant moments on board.

Fly with us! It is always a pleasure to welcome you on board.

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