Message from the President – “Thank you” is what best sums up our feelings

In 1941, the “Sociedade Açoreana de Estudos Aéreos, Limitada” was founded. On August 21, 2021, we will complete 80 years.

The challenges of 2021 are not comparable to those of 1941. They are different. Pace, competition, and ambitions change over time. Everything happens faster and requires urgent resolution. Nowadays, we need to understand how to accompany so many transformations – even the unimaginable ones – without ever losing sight of our business mission.

But if the challenges are different, the dreams that gave rise to the “Sociedade Açoreana de Estudos Aéreos” remain the same.

We persist in the desire to serve well those who come to us; we want to continue to learn from the best that the past has left us; we want to continue flying to take the Azores far beyond the archipelago’s borders. We keep alive the ambition to leave our best mark in the air and the hearts of our customers.

In moments like this, of celebration and tribute to the founders of this business project of which we are part, it is even worth stopping for a moment, looking back and remembering that our 80-year journey was made thanks to these men of courage, and to those who continued to fly with us.

In recognition of this evidence, “Thank you” is what best reflects the feeling we would like to convey to our passengers, our partners, our workers, and all those who, in one way or another, have accompanied us on this long journey.

Luís Rodrigues,

Chairman of the SATA group

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  1. Thomas McGowan says:

    Hi, I am on my sixth visit to the Azores, April 22 land Terceira then mainland Portugal, and I still love it. May I share my tribute to the Azores with you? Please read and enjoy! Tom McGowan

    God’s Archipelago

    Let us dwell upon these Isles
    envisioned by their green hues
    exhilarated by deep blue waters.

    Return, here again, the Azore’s Isles
    her shores, her gardens of hydrangeas
    a land where dreams are never forgotten.

    Come stroll among Azore’s canopy of trees
    many hearts fall in love on its enchanted isles
    sing, dance, eat-drink the wine of Azore’s vistas.

    Among the Azores, gaze adore her isles you can be
    your eyes, too, gain their lost sparkle you envisioned
    the Azores bring back to life on an everlasting getaway.

    Here her native mortals live among God’s Archipelagos
    a dreamer only imagines their earthly natural wonders
    these Azores are a Wonder of the World, all to behold.

    The Azores, greener than green pastures, mysteries
    within a thermal pool to rejuvenate our old bones
    every meal tastes better than the first, prepared.

    Do not fear the Azore’s beauty; remain awhile.

  2. Dear Thomas McGowan,

    What a wonderful tribute to the Azores! Thank you for sharing!

    SATA Azores Airlines

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