New meals on board

At Azores Airlines, teams are preparing to start a new phase in the onboard service. Details are being polished and products from the Azores will be the stars of the new menus.

Azores Airlines teams took this project to revive the airline’s menus with great devotion and affection for the Azores.

The purpose of this project was clear but not easy to achieve: to reassess all menus served on board before Covid-19 to propose a new menu of light, balanced, tasty meals containing products from the Azores, inspired by the tradition of the islands. It sounds simple, but catering for aviation is a demanding subject for all reasons, especially in terms of hygiene and food safety standards, as we are talking about the large quantities and frequencies needed to meet the air operation, which usually is intense and varied in terms of onboard service.

The work is demanding for those who decide what will be served on board but also for all suppliers seeking to meet airlines’ assumptions. It’s an investment in quality of service to the passenger and an opportunity to offer other good things that go beyond the food served on the tray. It is a gesture of kindness and courtesy to customers. It is a relaxing moment that is offered and that can provide some extra comfort to passengers. And finally, in the case of Azores Airlines, it is another opportunity to know a little more about the wonderful Azores destination, its traditions, and its flavors.

But incorporating so many good things into a light meal is a challenge that cannot be overcome on the first try.

Very strict food quality and hygiene, with extra attention in times of pandemic, special care for details, bearing in mind that, once onboard, meals must continue to be refrigerated and that, in some cases, it will overheat in ovens that serve functionality purposes but were not designed to meet the rigors of high-quality cuisine. In addition, the tiny space of an airplane galley does not compare to a restaurant kitchen.

That is to say that before being able to board, the meals were tested in amount and combination, subject to tastings, to reach a compromise that will, from now on, be offered to passengers traveling on Azores Airlines long-haul connections.

And because not everything can resume with the rhythm of other times, the remaining menus will be introduced gradually, finally reaching shorter flights, including domestic connections.

The menus were designed considering the class of service for which they are intended, flight time, the season of the year, limitations that may exist in the different providers, and, finally, the time slot in which the flight is carried out.

Therefore, when traveling onboard Azores Airlines, do not expect to find the same suggestions throughout the year. They will be adapted to the circumstances and, above all, will consider feedback from passengers and crew who, during the flight, understand what is appropriate and what could still be improved. In this, as in so many other projects, the improvement work to be done is constant and will not be neglected. And although you may not always find the comforting taste of a good Azorean muffin or that dessert that reminds you of your grandmother’s tea pudding, you can be sure that on board Azores Airlines you will always find the same desire to offer the best flight experience possible and the genuine dedication we like to bring to our work.

If you have recently traveled with us and have already tried the new menus on board, leave us your comment!

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