Our A321neo family

Our mission to build Atlantic bridges between the Azores and the world is expanded and continued on the wings of our new A321neo family!

The A321neo in harmony with the A320 at João Paulo II Airport, in Ponta Delgada.

And it is not by chance. The innovative A321neo integrates state-of-the-art engines and wing-tip devices that Airbus calls Sharklets. They also allow to reduce the carbon footprint of each passenger by about 50%, if compared with alternative aircraft, as well as substantial cost reductions per seat, which range from 8 to 21%, and a lower fuel expense per flight, achieving gains ranging from 16 to 21% in terms of CO2 per kilometer for each passenger.

With all comfort, passengers flying on our Airbus A321neo will be able to access the free “AirAzoreswifi” network and the “Cabin Media Player” app available for download before boarding at the Apple Store or on Google Play to watch movies, access kids entertainment, and read useful information.

Onboard the A321neo LR, they can even purchase internet access packages.

The first member of the Azores Airlines A321neo family is the A321neo with registration CS-TSF and paint scheme “Breathe”. It has been proudly with us since January 27, 2018.

On February 5, its baptism ceremony took place. The airplane received the name of Marciano Veiga in honor of SATA’s first commercial flight Captain, on June 15, 1947, in a Beechcraft UC-34B Expeditor called Açor.

The A321neo with registration CS-TSG and with the word Wonder painted across the fuselage, was the second A321neo to join the Azores Airlines fleet, on April 5, 2018.


On October 15, the last flight of the last A310 aircraft called São Miguel was carried out under the command of Captain Carlos Moniz and First Officer Luís Brito, and “Wonder” was named Sete Cidades. These were two moments of great emotion, which represent the farewell of the A310 fleet that has brilliantly served the airline for almost two decades, and the beginning of a renewal cycle with the new and innovative Airbus A321neo.

On May 23, 2019, the new A321neo LR arrived to brighten up the family! Our “Magical”, equipped with the efficient CFM Leap-1 engines, is the third element to integrate the A321neo family. It has an impressive autonomy of 7,400 km and still carries, in the case of Azores Airlines, 190 passengers – 16 in business class and 174 in economy class. As a curiosity, the A321neo LR has more autonomy than any other single-aisle passenger plane, with a maximum take-off weight of 97 tonnes (compared to the 93.5 tonnes of the A321), in addition to the addition of a third tank of central auxiliary fuel.

The last to join the family, in November 2020, was the A321neo LR Inspire, which surprised everyone by painting the skies with a special shade of pink.

A fleet like that deserves an outstanding painting! All of our A321neo have received a design that emotionally appeals to our magical destinations. Intending to inspire our passengers, the words inscribed on their fuselage refer to the magical, wonderful, and peaceful universe of the Azores. Breathe, Wonder, Magical, and Inspire translate the symbolic tribute to the Azores, which is the birthplace of Grupo SATA’s companies and our destination for Nature, at the same time.

Keep watching the skies. It will be worth it!

Curious about the A321neo? Visit the manufacturer’s website here.

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