Aviation stories – A very noisy flight

The aviation world fascinates everyone. Is it because flying has always been one of Humanity’s greatest aspirations? Is it because of the charismatic jobs it represents? Is it because of the possibility to travel the world above the clouds? Is it the powerful flying machines? Perhaps for all these reasons and more.

On more than seven decades of flights over the Atlantic, there are many stories to tell. Discover the first on the new section Aviation Stories.

A very noisy flight

“Inside the cabin, a baby wouldn’t stop crying.

Space seemed to become smaller and smaller, and the ambiance increasingly dense and uncomfortable. I wanted to close my eyes and rest, but it was impossible.

The baby cried, cried, cried. It was an increasingly loud and high-pitched cry. My ears were ringing, and so was my brain.

I was not the only one feeling this way. I sensed the people around me and all over the plane moving nervously in their seats and sighing audibly. I could guess several heads turning in the direction of the noise as if that could give magical powers to the mother, who was feeling more desperate than all of us traveling alone with a baby.

Gradually, the crying stopped being so shrill. Then it became more and more widely spaced hiccups.

I looked to the side and saw a crew member walking with the baby on the lap to the back of the plane.

I rested my head and closed my eyes, satisfied with the absence of noise.

I saw the baby again, this time on the lap of another crew member, walking to the front of the plane. Entertained, calmer and calmer, the baby was taken by the crew, in turns, through the cabin until he returned to his mother’s lap, already in the mood of someone who had relaxed on a hygienic walk.

I realized that, among the many skills of a cabin crew member, knowing how to calm down babies was a kind of superpower. ”

Story lived by Jorge Ademar Câmara, on a flight between Porto and Ponta Delgada, in 2017.

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