Are you ready to experience the Azores?

We know you want much more than a stereotyped visit to a destination. We totally get it… Travel lovers seek unforgettable experiences they want to mix with the locals and feel the ambiance of the destination they visit.

With that in mind, we designed the “Experience the Azores” campaign, which offers our passengers a package consisting of a pleasant trip with us and a local experience of their choice.

So, you just have to prepare yourself to become a real Azorean and put it into practice.

We propose an experience in Terceira Island that will give you a very clear idea of ​​how happy the cows in the Azores are. During this experience, you will have the opportunity to get the cattle from one pasture to another and even to milk a cow, while enjoying the idyllic rural landscapes surrounding you.

We also propose a sweet experience on the Island of Graciosa with the traditional confection, in loco, of the famous star-shaped pastries, which not only delight locals, but already delighted palates around the world. We are sure that, in the end, not only will you have learned everything about the history and confection of the “Queijadas da Ilha Graciosa”, you will also have the opportunity to taste them!

But our proposals don’t end here. We offer you the possibility to participate in the tea harvest and in the production of this delicious drink of world quality in Gorreana, the oldest plantation in Europe, located on the island of São Miguel. In the end, you can relax while tasting the result and contemplate the unique landscape provided by the plantations.

Start living the Azores with SATA Azores Airlines!

Explore our local experiences here.

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