Taking the Azores to the world since 1947

We have been flying since 1947. We since then stepped up to fulfill our founders’ dream of uniting everything the sea separates, bringing the Azores to the world, and bringing the entire world to the Azores. We are and have always been here for you. We fly more than expectations, business, homesickness. Even more than essential goods or cases of force majeure. We fly with a familiarity that the Azoreans are renowned for.

SATA Azores Airlines has the Azores in its identity. Its colors are the colors of the Azores, and its symbol, made up of nine parts, symbolizes the union of the nine islands of the archipelago. But brands are made by people for people. We have become ambassadors of the Azores, easing the isolation of the islands and offering everyone who visits us the privilege of feeling and experiencing our nature.

Nowadays, we make the Azores an air link to and from mainland Portugal (Lisbon and Porto), Madeira archipelago (Funchal), Europe (Barcelona, Bilbao, Paris, and Frankfurt), North America (Boston, New York, Oakland, Montreal and Toronto), the Caribbeans (Bermuda) and Africa (Cape Verde), with an efficient and sustainable fleet. But we also bring the nine islands closer together, transporting passengers and cargo on a daily and essential basis.

Receiving you as a member of our extended family, from the moment you choose us to carry you to or from these magical islands, is our commitment.

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