40th Anniversary of Pico Island’s Aerodrome

Tomorrow is the 40th anniversary of Pico Island’s Aerodrome. Inaugurated on April 25, 1982, Pico Island’s Aerodrome is one of the most important infrastructures of the “mountain island”, on the Archipelago of the Azores, reducing the isolation inherent to these islands and creating a connection with the rest of the world.

It’s 40 years of air operation and impressive growth, not only in terms of its infrastructure, but also in terms of the number of passenger traffic. Its profound restructuring, with the extension of its runway from 1,520 to 1,760 meters in length, with the construction of a new apron, with a new terminal, a new control tower, a fire station, and a warehouse, allowed the increase in its operation.

Discover the most remarkable moments in the history of this aerodrome in the commemorative video we’ve prepared for you.

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