Meals with a new feeling in the skies of the Azores

The Azores, our identity and our main destination, are a place where the real can easily mix with the mystical. And the legends that are told all over the 9 islands – themselves considered the peaks of ancient Atlantis, the lost eighth continent – are proof of that. This mysticism, so appreciated by all who visit the Azores, was brought to SATA Azores Airlines meal boxes.

As your trip to the Azores begins onboard, we wanted to offer you a special ingredient to your meal in the clouds.

The new SATA Azores Airlines meal boxes come in a set of 9 versions, where the most beautiful landscapes and legends of each island of this magical archipelago can be appreciated. So don’t be surprised if your meal is delivered to you in a box that will make you enjoy and identify the illustrating landscape, and discover the written legend, before opening it.

Keep an eye out, as the 9 islands will be represented in our meal boxes. We almost can’t wait for you to find them!

We can bet that, on the way home, you will have another exciting story to tell!

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